Omaha Urine Removal

Omaha Urine Removal

Pet Urine Removal with a Guarantee

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Omaha Urine Removal
Now if I could just learn to Pee outside

Doing Omaha Urine Removal is quite different from carpet cleaning. While many carpet cleaning companies clean carpets, some lack the knowledge, equipment and follow through to do urine removal correctly. When you need Omaha Urine Removal services you know you need Simply Steaming. The best company that removes urine correctly the first time.

When it gets cold and snowy home owners find that their small dogs don’t like to go outside to do their business. When this happens they always do it inside. Making a mess and making our homes smell like what they did. It’s sad but it is also a fact of owning a small dog in Omaha during the winter time. When this happens it is imperative to have those areas treated right away.

As the urine sits in the carpet it changes states and starts to have a bad odor. After this the stain sometimes become permanent and impossible to remove. With some urine removal systems an enzyme that creates the right type of bacteria must be applied to the spots. The bacteria eats the urine and then dies off once its food source (the urine) is gone. This takes about 3 to 4 days so carpet cleaning should not be performed the same day. If the urine is left in the carpet it can start to break down the carpet glue in the backing of the carpet. It may also pose a health risk especially to younger members of the family.

Most companies will take a short cut and spray an enzyme onto the carpet then immediately clean the carpet. The problem with this is that the enzymes will not have reached the majority of the urine which is often in the depths of the carpet and carpet pad. The solution did not dwell for at least 30 minutes to break down the urea coating of the urine. They have also effectively killed off the bacteria that they just put down by spraying a cleaning solution on top of it. At this point the bacteria dies off. They have wasted their time, the enzyme and your time and money. You are left with the same problem, but with less time and cash.

omaha urine removal
Please don’t be mad at me.

This is a tedious job, it takes a lot of time to do it correctly and it is hard enough to remove the urine when we can’t see it in the padding.

Most companies will not do it correctly because of the amount of time that it takes. Therefore you will be left with the same problem that you started with only a little shorter on cash.

Simply Steaming is known for its Omaha Urine Removal Systems, we can’t work for free, but we will do it correctly every time, no doubt about it.

Our Omaha Urine Removal Guarantee: We guarantee your satisfaction, when you purchase our Silver or Gold Dog urine removal process.

If we remove dog urine odor from your carpet under the Silver or Gold program and the odor is still there 7 days after we finish we will do it again and if the problem still exists you may need to replace padding.

If you require pet odor removal service anywhere in the Omaha or surrounding areas then Simply Steaming’s skilled technicians  are your only right answer. We know what we are doing and we are the best in the area. Call us today for a free consultation at (402) 699-9620.

Silver Program: (100% success rate) This program is ideal for small Light urine problems where there are just a few spots that are on the top of the carpet fibers. With the Bronze Program we will apply a product to the urine spots and clean your carpets. There is no urine odor / stain removal guarantee with this program.

Gold Program: (98% success rate) This program is designed to remove Moderate urine spots where there are more than just a few surface spots. We are quite successful with this program however because we are not sealing the sub floor there is no Urine odor / stain removal guarantee with this program

  • We will saturate every urine spot that we can locate.
  • Let it dwell for 20 – 30 minutes to dissolve the urine in the carpet and pad.
  • Remove the urine and solution using a flash extractor.
  • Wait 3 – 4 days for the bacteria to eat up the urine.
  • Clean the carpet leaving fresh clean carpet fibers.

Why hire Simply Steaming for your urine removal issues.

Urine Removal is a tough job and most carpet cleaners don’t do it correctly.

Cat urine removal from carpet is very difficult to perform successfully. Cat urine removal is also performed with the same process. However cat urine removal has no guarantee of any kind. We’ll do the job the best we can but we can not guarantee that the odor will be gone. In some cases cat urine removal will have to be accomplished multiple times at multiples of the costs.


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