How to remove wax from carpet.

Removing wax from carpetWhen it comes to carpet cleaning there are many challenges. Here is one that home owners can handle.

Have you ever had a candle that went astray. Perhaps you forgot that you lit it and left it for hours.

A customer that I had just finished cleaning their carpets called me the next day with a similar incident.

No reason to panic I can help. I must however put my disclaimer here because sometimes bad things happen to those that are trying to do the right thing. Please follow my directions to the letter and you should be fine.


Simply Steaming’s disclaimer follows: Simply Steaming takes no responsibility for your actions in removing wax from carpet or furniture.

If you chose to give us a call we will perform the service for you at which point we do take responsibility for our actions.


The procedure to remove wax is the same regardless of whether it is in furniture or carpet. One thing to remember here is that even if the wax is removed the dye may still exist in the fibers.

OK on to the procedure.

Take a dull knife like a butter knife. Remove as much of the hardened wax as you can and vacuum the loose wax up.

Many people recommend using a brown grocery bag for this next step. Personally I like to use a white terry cloth towel. No dyes or printing means less problems from the start.

Get an iron and a white terry cloth towel, it must be white or dyes might transfer to the carpet. Fold the towel in 1/2 and place it on the wax spot. Plug the iron in, make sure the steam setting is off and set the iron to medium heat, not high.

Now place the iron on the towel. Check it every 20 to 30 seconds. No longer than this as you may scorch the carpet fibers. The wax will be absorbed into the towel. If the towel is flooded with wax use another towel to finish the task. Place the iron back on the towel (checking it every 20 to 30 seconds) until all of the wax is removed.

Once more. Be careful not to burn the carpet with the iron.

If there is dye from the candle wax present in the carpet fibers you will need to get a carpet spotter to remove it. Dab the spot with the cleaner, do not rub it as you may spread the dye or cause abrasion of the fibers.

If you prefer not to deal with this feel free to call on Simply Steaming and we will handle it for you.

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