How to choose a reputable carpet cleaning company.

There are a lot of carpet cleaners out there in almost every medium to large town.

So how do you know who to trust? This is really very basic and anyone can do this type of research now that the internet has allowed us to.

To start with check out review sites like Yelp , AngiesList, BBB, and also do a search on the company in a search engine like Google. Search for the company name like: “Simply Steaming Reviews”, or search for “Simply Steaming Complaints”. I’m using my company name here, you see I have nothing to hide. Just replace “Simply Steaming” with another company name and add “Reviews” or “Complaints” after the company name and hit the Search button.

Read the reviews, see if there are any bad reviews and sometimes its fine if there are because its hard to please everyone, right. Just be sure that what ever the company is doing to its customers is something that you can accept. Don’t be lazy here, check out several different sites for the information that you need.

When I look at a company on the BBB I first check their Rating and then their complaints. If I see that a company is adding fees to the invoice that were not disclosed and agreed to. Then I have to make a conscious decision of whether that is ok for me or not.

Like wise if I look on Yelp and see that a particular company isn’t handling customer complaints properly. I ask myself, if I became a customer of that company, is that something that I could accept? If it is then I will do business with that company. But if not I go on my way to research another company to have my business.

I know I deserve better and if I’m too lazy to check out a company then I deserve to get ripped off by getting poor service, lied to, and have additional fees added to my invoice.

I guess I look at it like this. If the company that I’m researching has bad reviews then I’m probably going to get the same type of poor service from them if I choose them.

There are a lot of good companies out there so don’t pick a company that has a poor BBB rating, complaints, or poor reviews you deserve better. Do your research and you’ll end up hiring a good Omaha┬ácarpet cleaners that makes you happy

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